WeedWeek is introducing a new feature called WeedWeek Forum. Think of it as the cannabis world's Op-Ed page. Many of you are are eager to share their thoughts and expertise on issues you confront. Here's your chance.

Starting October 21, 2017, WeedWeek will publish 400-600 word essays, arguments, observations and fact-based criticisms by outside contributors on the WeedWeek web site. 

Several outlets publish similar work already. Unfortunately they are marred by the perception, if not the reality, that contributors pay to be featured.

WeedWeek will not accept payment for publishing work. 

WeedWeek also welcomes competitors who agree to the same terms. WeedWeek will not pay you either (at least at first.) I will choose to publish pieces based on their merits and relevance. Getting your essay in WeedWeek, is a form of earned media.

Who should contribute? In short, YOU. 

If you're someone who has been featured in WeedWeek, or could have been featured in WeedWeek, we want to hear from you. That includes executives, doctors, lawyers, accountants, legalization opponents, cyber-experts, connoisseurs, regulators, old cranks, inmates, lobbyists, Jeff Sessions, consultants, cannamoms, cannadads, rastafarian farmers, marketers, investors, financial analysts, bankers, scientists, psychologists, botanists, cops, politicians, activists, judges, connoisseurs, growers, patients, extractors, bakers, coders, glassblowers, budtenders, organizers, teachers, gurus, etc.

Interested? Check out the writer's guidelines:

  1. Contributions can address anything of interest to WeedWeek audience. This can include analysis, observations, criticisms, and predictions. 

  2. Contributors should be prepared to back up all assertions with links and/or documentation.

  3. Contributions should not be overly technical. 

  4. Work must be original and not previously published

  5. Writers should submit cleanly written articles of 400-600 with a clear point of view. You can also include a photo and short bio with relevant links.

  6. WeedWeek may on occasion be willing to say if a topic is of interest but we are not going to be your editor or ghost writer. Pieces that are not close to publishable will not be considered.

  7. Contributors are welcome to work with ghost writers, and communications professionals. WeedWeek can communicate with them and will keep those relationships confidential, as mainstream newspapers do.

  8. Entries should be sent to weedweeknews@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does WeedWeek make money from this?

We hope to generate revenue from advertising and from syndicating WeedWeek Forum essays. 

2. Will writers make money?

Not at first. If a piece is syndicated we'd like to pay you a few bucks but haven't yet figured out the details. 

More questions? CONTACT US HERE