Regenerative farming is one of California’s leading-edge weed concepts right now. Hot on that movement’s heels comes the enforcement-side proposition that the illicit operations on public lands must be stopped to save the planet.

“Next to climate change and habitat loss, trespass grows are a leading threat to California’s wildlife,” said Jackee Riccio, regional field director of the CROP Project, of the illegal farming. “What is happening is equivalent to ivory poaching or whaling.” Yipes.

  • In one Trinity County reclamation operation last year, the Integral Ecology Research Center dismantled 12 illegal cannabis cultivation sites in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, removing eight miles of irrigation lines that diverted water from local watershed along with 7,560 pounds of trash.
  • Once California — which easily leads the nation in trespass grows — gets as proactive about integrating traditional growers into the legal cannabis framework as South Africa, they are likely to disappear.
  • According to OZY, “Up to 70 percent of the black-market cannabis in California is cultivated on illegal sites.” Ruling out squat growing, which isn’t an actual thing, 30% of the groceries are cultivated with cooperation of legal types. Possibly self-righteous ones who complain about the “black market” on social media.

Quick Hit

  1. Ivanka Trump was invited to give the keynote speech at CES, but cannabis innovations could only muster quasi-private accolades, no up front acknowledgments. The struggle is real.