WeedWeek’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

avatar Donny Alexander / Nov 23, 2019

‘Tis the season to pray for MORE.

This moment in cannabis history just may turn out to be a Golden Era for innovation. Technology and creativity have aligned to bring forth more ingenious and satisfying accessories than we can count this season. So, let us celebrate. Throw some low-dose Sea Salt Pop-Up Potcorn into the microwave, if you’re feeling peckish, and sit back while I share with you some of my favorite accessories of 2019.

With all of the dope gifting options available this holiday season, it feels optimistic to start off the list… with vaping products!

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AirGraft Clean Vaporizer

In November of 2019, if you’re going to offer a vape device you better have, as the kids say, the receipts. Airgraft’s receipts come in the form of a diagnostic app that reports all of your cartridge’s contents. Just press your vaporizer to your smart phone and see exactly how much THC, CBD, or something unidentifiable and alarming are going into your body.



It’s entirely possible brand that this Los Angeles brand won me over through the impossibly youthful, diverse, and gorgeous models in its advertising. Or, it could be that the sight of a Besito vaporizer subconsiously reminds me of a Philly Blunt. Probably though, the appeal lay in its clean-feeling high-CBD, low THC oil blends, which come in mint, grapefruit and blackberry. Sometimes a person like to get just a little high.

Besito vaporizers can be found at these locations.

Mood Picks

We didn’t for get all of the smokers in the house. Mood Pick, by Israeli-based Trichome Shell, is cannabis extract micro-encapsulated into a thin layer, designed in a shape of a toothpick. A gift for both that friend who likes to make a tobacco cigarette a bit more European or for enhancing your usual rolled bud with bonus cannabinoids.

BuckShot Boner Drink

West Hollywood-based trans icon Buck Angel has developed the most impressive cannabis-based product I have experienced this year. Unlike Viagra and the like, this CBD beverage leaves its users with no congestion, and the stuff works a good, long time. BuckShot’s proprietary blend makes pharaceutical performance enhancers look like trash.

$11.99 (Use the code: BuckShotPower and receive a 5 percent discount.)

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Magical Butter Edible Master Bundle

The Magical Butter 2 machine is remarkable in its simplicity and versatility. Not only does it extract THC and CBD from herbs in under a half hour, MB2 also turns those cannabinoids in to infused butter, oils, smoothies and even salves and lotions. I made a smoothie for WeedWeek producer Eileen Guo before this week’s recording session.

Use the discount code BlackFriday this weekend and get the Magical Butter Master Bundle — which you’ll see online for as much as $260— for $199. From Cyber Monday through Dec. 6, you can have the MB2 without accessories for $124.95. That’s $50 off by using the code CyberMB. The codes will also get you discounts on accessories like gummy and butter trays and spatulas.

Grav Bubbler Coffee Mug

You can have to love a water pipe that you can carry around like a warm cup of cocoa. The bubber inspires looks of awe and, frankly, confusion when first encountered. That’s part of the buzz, the unique design. Built into this mugs’s handle are a perc and smoke pathway are built. Over time, this water pipe has become a big part of my life.

$89.99 from Use the code: WEEDWEEK through the end of January and receive a discount of 20%.

Goldleaf Notebooks

On Monday’s podcast version of this gift guide, I asked Alex Halperin how, as a journalist, he would start his 2019 cannabis story. What he said isn’t so important. What matters is that you somehow put down your own story of time spent with the plant. These Cannabis Times can unsettle us, but the future is unwritten.

On Black Friday and through Green Tuesday use the code: GREENANDGOLD to receive 18% off.

Happy holidays and three cheers for lovely old capitalism!

Donny Alexander
Podcast and California newsletter producer