Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster

Thursday, November 29th 2018
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Weather catastrophe looms as a future threat even as we recover from our latest disasters. To minimize fears for your grow operation, consider these suggestions from marijuana industry professionals:

  • Build greenhouses low and sturdy, so that they are less vulnerable to wind. In doing so, choose materials, such as metal, that can withstand wind, fire, or water.
  • "Fire sprinklers on the inside of the building, for forest fires, don't mean much," one California survior said. Under wildfire threat, dig fire breaks or thin trees as a means of protecting one's property.
  • If possible, obtain insurance that will replace the entirety of a lost crop. Though few, some insurers will underwrite such policies.
  • Four dispensaries were destroyed in Hurracaine Maria. (Cannabis Business Times)

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