Playing E-Sports Stoned Goes Legit

Tuesday, November 27th 2018
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Cannabis enthusiasts have been playing video games since before John Madden was script code. Yet no formal, above-ground league for such players emerged in Los Angeles until Zeus Tipado went legit with his Stoned Gamer League

  • SGL competitors must supply "proof of elevation," i.e., prove they are high in order to compete. Bonus points are awarded for dabs and bong rips taken.
  • Tipado, who's also written about cannabis and gaming, has partnerships with Twitch and gaming chairmaker Vertagear, and says he's secured an eight-figure investment. A big, red-faced barn in Boyle Heights is the Stoned Gamer Arena.
  • The SGL's history reaches only back to 2014. The first Stoned Gamer tournament began on 4/20 2016. Since legalization, competitions stream on Twitch, the games no longer disappearing from YouTube.

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