First-Ever Cannabis-themed Curling "Bongspiel" Sells Out in 24 Hours

Wednesday, December 5th 2018
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The first ever legal cannabis-and-curling “bongspiel” will be held in Wiarton, Ontario, home of legendary and defunct Groundhog Day woodchuck Wiarton Willie (d. 1999). (London Free Press, South Bruce Peninsula).

  • Spaces for 16 teams (with four players each) to compete in the day-long event sold out in under 24 hours at $200 per team. (Wiarton Echo)
  • Curling has long been considered a drinker's game--only underlined in a controversy last month when world-class players were ejected from the Red Deer Curling Classic after appearing drunk and belligerent on the ice for their own game. (Calgary Herald)
  • Radcliffe noted cannabis has always had a place in curling, a constantly shifting game of intense strategy. "There’s been an appetite for it," he said, "but until now, it’s been kept quiet, under wraps and overshadowed by the drinking aspects of curling. So now we can come out in public."
  • Radcliffe said provincial law bans indoor smoking, so bongspiel curlers will have to enjoy their cannabis outdoors (wearing separate shoes to prevent them tracking grit onto the ice). "They've got to go off the property unfortunately, and it's January. So I imagine it going to be quick darts in and out." (The Shift)
  • Inside there will be plenty of food, a DJ, and a live band. As a onetime curler and lifelong curling fan, I sincerely hope these will be confined to the clubhouse area, since part of curling’s noble dignity is its relative silence, punctuated by occasional screaming.

Jennifer Jones, 2005 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Final

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