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Weedmaps Folds, Says ’Bye to Illicit Content

Pinpointing exactly whose gains are Ill-gotten is a pretty dicey gambit in today’s cannabis milieu. Yet, by stubbornly holding on to its lifelong practice of featuring all dispensaries — legal status be damned—Weedmaps has made for an easy Regulatory Era villain.The Irvine-based Yelp of weed announced it would remove all illicit operators from its directory “later this year.”
OC Register

  • Since the 2018 Bureau of Cannabis Control cease-and desist letter, Weedmaps has been defiant. But pressure from state regulators and the legal industry — on grounds that Weedmaps bolstered the illicit market by showcasing their often cheaper products — won out.
  • On Wednesday, Weedmaps also announced its initiative to help social equity entrepreneurs obtain licenses, a project endorsed by the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “The Weedmaps initiative will provide minority entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and resources they need to compete for those licenses. And get them,” said Julian Canete, president and CEO of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Quick Hit

  1. Are you ready to get down with Snoop Dogg’s bong in Vegas? The omnipresent hip hop legend has a new Pound brand glass product, and this time Snoop is launching the water pipe with a tour “to show love to all people we’ve performed for.”
    Merry Jane

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L.A. Brings New Twist to Eradication Summer

“I therefore move that the City Council request the City Attorney, with the assistance of the Los Angeles Police Department, Department of Cannabis Regulation, and Department of Building and Safety, to prepare and present a draft ordinance that would create a new process for the City to padlock, barricade or fence property where unlicensed commercial cannabis business activity occurs,” moved Los Angeles City Councilmember Marqueece Harris Dawson in the motion that opens a new chapter in the extinguishing of California’s illicit market.
Cannabis Wire

  • City Attorney Mike Feuer now begins working with DCR, LAPD and Building and Safety to forge a process that allows authorities to close off properties which are not in accord with state or local laws. Local law enforcement has already been permitted to turn off utilities of dispensary operators and fine their landlords.
  • Councilmember Monica Rodriguez, who presented the motion with Harris-Dawson as part of the Cannabis Regulation Commission, said the law has become necessary because “despite increased law enforcement efforts” the unregulated market continues to thrive. 
  • Make no mistake, the statewide means of stopping non-compliant cannabis is increased law enforcement.


Is Redondo’s New Weed  Church Just the Old One?

A weed-centered church called Sacramental Life popped up days after an enterprise in the same location called Seaside Alternative Health shut down to avoid prosecution. Locals are saying that some accompanying coincidences are suspicious. Easy Reader

  • Members who sign a statement affirming their belief in cannabis as a holy sacrament can have grams for $5. Sacramental Life blesses all the weed it sells and offers sound baths and meditation. 
  • Redondo has a ban on new cannabis operations through the fall. Leaders of cannabis churches argue that they are exempt and protected under religious freedom laws.

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UCFW South Bay Deal a Dispensary First

MedMen is partnering with the United Food Workers to unionize the company’s San Jose store. The agreement is an extension of MedMen’s L. A. labor agreement and is the South Bay’s first unionized dispensary.
San Jose Spotlight

  • Full-time workers are guaranteed wages nearly $3 above the California minimum, a 40% employee discount, two weeks of vacation, overtime premiums, 10 holidays off, and time-and-a-half for working on holidays. Benefits include company stocks.
  • "While the cannabis industry is taking a turn from infancy to a billion dollar business in California, I’m happy to see that our workers will be sharing in that process,” San Jose Councilmember Raul Peralez said.


San Diego MED Court DecisionNo Big Deal…  Maybe?

On Monday the state Supreme Court ruled San Diego inadequately engaged its Environmental Impact requirements in establishing its MED program, back in 2014.

Some see this as yet another impediment for struggling dispensaries statewide. Other watchers say it’s not a big deal.
Leafly/MJ Biz Daily

  • It’s not really a case that’s going to be meaningful,” in the near future said attorney Pamela Epstein. “It’s been remanded back to the trial courts,” meaning the case could still take years to play out.”
  • A source of worry about the opinion is its insistence that local governments analyze proposed laws or zoning changes.

Quick Hits

  1. TerraTech sold its Blum dispensary in Reno after settling a lawsuit alleging TerraTech siphoned money from the shop to handle other business.
    MJ Biz  Daily


Shhh... Pot Marketing Is Set to Explode!

Anyone who’s noticed the upturn in quality where billboards, packaging, and even that Spike Jonze video are concerned ought to have gleaned that cannabis marketing has come a long way, quickly. So much so that even traditional marketing eyes are paying attention to what the industry is doing. MM&M

  • *Dr. Rob Flannery’s products are praised here for “either coolly neutral packaging that could easily contain face cream or with a kaleidoscopic color pattern that will attract consumer attention but not scream 'Hippy!'”
  • "[A]ll of this work," the author says," is something of a miracle to those of us who remember when weed branding consisted of the name of the guy who could sell it to you—Winston, the Bartender at the Nines. And when packaging was a sandwich baggy.” Indeed. They definitely ain’t writing this article in Canada.

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How Downey, Jr. First Caught Disney’s Eye

Opening with a joke during his Disney Legends awards speech, Robert Downey, Jr. talked about smoking weed at Disneyland.
Marijuana Moment

  • “The very first time I went to Disneyland, I was transported to another place—within moments of being arrested,” Downey said. “I was brought to a surprisingly friendly processing center, given a stern warning, and returned to, if memory serves, one very disappointed group chaperone.” Must be nice.
  • Before he was cast as Ironman, the great actor—whose director father allowed him to use pot at age 6–was equally famous for doing super-heroic amounts of bad drugs.


Don’t Get Surprised  by Wildfire Season

For some, the early August rains have put the annual burning forests to the back of our minds. Yet, the impact of wildfires on the cannabis crop is unforgettable for any grower who’s been caught unprepared in the past.

  • Growers must also respond properly to nearby catastrophes. Critical decisions must be made about detecting smoke-tainted bud and when, exactly to destroy it.
  • Aster Farms operator Julia Jacobsen lost her crop to last year’s big fire in Mendocino. She said. “If you live in California, the wildfires will touch you in some way, somehow, at some point. As much as you can prepare, there is no way to truly anticipate what the experience is like, how terrifying nature can be."

Quick Hit

  1. The Department of Fish and Wildlife wants you to know that its only motivation is a concern about nature and, by extension, legal cannabis. The only people who could possibly disagree dwell in the comments section.
    Nevada City Union


A Final Word on Mike Tyson's Ingestion

In the world of what trends, last week some of us got chicken sandwiches and some of us got volume-smoking numbers out of Mike Tyson’s weed camp. The latter conversation elicited a question: Is the champ-turned-entrepreneur's claims enviable, or even possible?

Ngaio Bealum has perspective on the matter. Sacramento News & Review

  • First, the math: “Assuming Tyson gets his weed at cost, since he runs a weed farm these days, really good (good is subjective) weed is about $2,500 per pound wholesale, so the champ and his friends would be going through roughly 16 pounds a month. Sixteen pounds is a lot, so my first question is: How many friends does he have?”
  • Sorry, more math. Let’s say — in your best elementary school voice—Mike Tyson has 40 friends. “There are 28.5 grams in an ounce. Figure that a good-sized joint weighs a gram, and that’s 171 joints per person per month, or 5.7 fat joints a day. Still a lot. So either Tyson is exercising hyperbole for dramatic effect, or he should really consider taking a tolerance break.”


Did Swiss Flick Use 6  Football Fields of Bud?

Or is this a Swiss Myth?

A film production put out this press release proclaiming that it used six football fields of weed to make the adventure comedy "The Green Goddess."

In the film, four Americans are busted for growing in NorCal. One goes to jail, the rest travel to Switzerland to grow enough weed to get him out of jail.
The Times of CBD

  • Though 15 years in the making, growing that much cannabis is hard to envision. Also, are these American football fields or soccer pitches? And how deep is the bud stacked on this theoretical athletic field? The devil's in the deets. 
  • Allegedly, the eight-person crew spent a whole season to grow the marijuana in the Swiss Alps, where it tangled with authorities over grow rules. Reportedly, the filmmakers received help from a Swiss fire department, which sprayed water into shots as a means of imitating thunderstorms.

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