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Is Bud’s Long Statewide Nightmare Finally Over?

Getty Images

Sure looks so. After a financially disappointing REC debut, our 2019 legal cannabis industry is positioned to leap significantly from last year's $2.5B gross. BDS Analytics projects earnings of $3.1B in 2019 and $7.2B by 2024.
Los Angeles Times

  • "Any market in the world would be ecstatic about a 23% growth rate,” said BDS managing director Tom Adams. But the 77% tax and regulatory burden cannot help but make those within the industry dwell on what it’s missing.
  • California’s once-foundational Illegal market cannabis is estimated to earn $8.7 before the year is over.
  • High taxes and the continued presence of illicit marijuana remain the largest detriments to the developing market’s success. Officials locally and statewide are insisting that California’s civil approach is the most humane and effective approach to wind it down. Criminal enforcement has focused on environmental damage and activity outside the routine.


Pay-to-Play Charges Dog Santa Barbara Councilman

Last week Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez was in court defending herself against pay-to-play charges. Now a group fed up with Santa Barbara County's pot industry is attacking County Supervisor Das Williams for his closeness with the industry.
Santa Barbara Independent

  • Williams is accused of recently taking $30,500 from 10 donors who are provisional license holders. After members of a group called Concerned Carpinterians went to the media with its allegations, Williams said that he will no longer accept contributions from the cannabis industry. 
  • The Williams and Perez stories are part of what’s sure to become part of a larger, national narrative on pot and local political influence.
    Tom Angell

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Can LA Growers Join the Appellations Project?

Earlier this month, the Southern California Coalition asked the Department of Food and Agriculture to award an appellation of origin to L.A. growers. The move was another sign that appellations aren’t just for wine and Northern Cali weed anymore. Appellations recognize a place of origin. Think cognac, a brandy from a region of France. 
Cannabis Wire

  • In his petition to the DFA, the coalition’s director said Southern California bud merits an appellation because of its characteristic battles with extreme heat, water shortages and local impurities. 
  • By 2021, the California appellations project must establish a formal process by which growers can establish appellations. 

Quick Hit

  1. Tonight' secret San Francisco Summer Flower Feast — infused mocktails, low-dose edible hors d'oeuvres and 4-course dinner featuring Cali-grown flower — is sold out. But you can at least buy Chef Coreen Carroll's cookbook.
    Cannaseur Series


Big Steps for CannaBiz Lobbyists

Santa Barbara-based attorney Amy Steinfeld is part of a new "Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry Group," developed by the high-powered D.C. lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck. She's just one of many lobbyists beginning to gather around the country's fastest-growing industry.
The Hill 

  • Steinfeld said California is benefitting from lobbying infrastructure afforded to its kindred industry, agriculture. “New farmers coming into this field don’t really realize they’re entering what’s really a compliance industry because it’s so highly regulated,” she said.
  • Lobbyists such as the National Cannabis Roundtable say firms developing lobbying teams is yet another sign of industry maturation.


Did Illicit Market Vape Carts Poison 7 in Hanford?

Photo by Maria Badasian on Unsplash

Seven people were hospitalized in the Central Valley town of Hanford with "pneumonia-like symptoms." The culprit is thought to be a lung toxin found in a cluster of vape pens purchased at local pop-up markets.

  • The Kings County Public Health Department — which prohibits all cannabis — issued a warning, “If you’re going to vape THC, get it from a licensed dispensary where you know there’s a certain amount of testing required to do. It sounds like it’s going to cost twice as much as the stuff on the street, but you don’t want to end up in with a life-threatening respiratory condition,” said Dr. Milton Teske.

Quick Hit

  1. The Clio Awards for advertising are a thing people have heard of. High Times is now starting the Clio Cannabis Awards.


Tyson Consumption Figure Concusses the Mind

Former heavyweight champion and current cannabusiness contender Mike Tyson says he’s out there smoking $40k worth of weed per month, which strains credibility.
NBC Palm Springs

Quick Hit

  1. Joseph Chicas has degrees from USC and UCLA. Yet, his trip to July’s NCIA conference in San Jose taught Chicas that, in this business, the face-to-face connections he made might just matter as much as a formal education.  


Pax and Headset Partner to Address Vape Inventory

On the heels of its partnership with Marijuana Business Daily, Seattle data analytics company Headset has joined forces with San Francisco vaporizer manufacturer Pax. The data Headset provides would help Pax and its partners address inventory issues.
MJ Biz Daily

  • Headset’s real-time insights are the draw for Pax. When top-selling items such as the Pax Era pen are out of stock, the risk of dissatisfied customers becomes a reality. At the same time, overstock ties up money. The new arrangement allows Pax to re-order at a new level of efficiency.   
  • "We chose to integrate with Headset because they have one of the best VMI platforms in the market, with the most comprehensive data analytics and reporting dashboards," said Kristen Winterbotham, a PAX Labs Director. 


Active Nevada Keeps Pressing for Reforms

Getty Images

Following up on a breakthrough session in the state legislature in which critical workplace and expungement laws were passed, NORML collected dozens of signatures from consumers last Saturday at NuLeaf, Las Vegas.

  • The signatures were gathered in support of The Marijuana, Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act—introduced by Senators Kamala Harris and Jerrold Nadler—more generally known as The MORE Act. The Congressional legislation would  decriminalize cannabis federally and remove it from the Controlled Substances Act. Also, Americans convicted of federal marijuna crimes—sometimes prohibited from working in legal weed—could apply for expungement.
  • NORML also hosted a full-house meeting this month. Legislative champions of both SBs 132, which protects employee rights, and 192, which seals weed-related criminal histories, provided testimonials on how their bills became law.


Lemoore Residents Scare Off Cannabusiness

As with El Monte and so many other municipalities where prohibition lives on, residents of the impoverished town of Lemoore undercut city plans to build a cannabis industry within its city limits.
ABC 30

  • Lemoore's City Manager reported this week that the developer who wanted to turn a vacant lot into a cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail site has pulled out, due to citizen protests.
  • "We're not anti-weed or anti-cannabis," said concerned citizen Mark Gleaton. "We're anti-location. We've got houses, we have daycares, we have two neighborhood parks within under 600 feet from this site."


Cannabis is the New Frontier of AgTech

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

Agriculture technologies are evolving rapidly, helping growers to adapt to the market. Overall, more tools exist to lift growers out of tough spots. But there will never be a greater friend to the grower than experienced hands who enjoy sharing information. No machine invented in 2019 will prove more valuable than the knowledge being shared to stop the disease known as "yellow head" but which is actually latent hop viroid.
Future Cannabis Project/MG Retailer

  • “We are seeing an influx in technology come into the cannabis space, and the influx of capital will push hard on those new technologies. That will kick back into the food production world,” Dr. Robert Flannery of Dr. Robb Farms said.
  • In the story, Glasshouse Farms' cultivator and other crew members discuss latent hop viroid's symptoms, means of transmission within and between plants, as well as ways of combatting the scourge and and how cultivators must strategize against such outbreaks.


Let the Pot and
Wine Wars Begin!

In wine country, cultivators of grapes and legal cannabis are beginning to have the sorts of conflicts that anyone with a sense of ag history might have predicted.

  • Farmers who have emerged from prohibition's shadows have had scrapes with their vineyard neighbors over issues such as pesticide spraying and and a sense among wine folk that government is "permissive" toward the new aggies on the block.
  • "It's just farmers learning to farm next to each other, which is not new for California," contends one legit cannabis farmer.

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