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Humboldt Gladly Part
of 'Feeding Frenzy'

Courtesy of Getty Images

Cannabis prices are holding steady as Humboldt heads into September, with pounds of top-flight bud going for between $1,100 and $1,400 per pound, up from $800 to $1,100 in 2018

The legal bud turnaround is feeling pretty real.
Lost Coast Outpost

  • Farmers say they are moving product ahead of their harvesting schedules. Some report being offered six-figure contracts — prepaid — for crops that are still growing or, in some cases, not even in the ground.
  • One legal grower said traditional market sales are so strong that they are driving legal cannabis price points. (Please tip your down-low dealer!)

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  1. The Napa Valley of Weed’ is home to the great cannabis “middleman,” an unheralded li’l powerhouse called Flow Kana.
    Business Insider


Legal Market Consolidation

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Estimates are that our great state had thousands of dispensaries before legalization took hold. A year and a half later — with the arrival of licensing requirements — California has only a few hundred licensed shops. “All that’s left in the legal market today are companies that were able to obtain either provisional or annual cannabis business permits, a pool significantly smaller than the original group of temporary licensees.”
MJ Biz Daily

  • “[A]s the state tries to clean up after,” the travails of the cannabis vanguard on which the legal weed industry is built, contraction has become the Green Rush watch word. 
  • Analysis of state licensing data shows that recent contraction brought about a 48% drop in the number of active cultivation permits, along with a 29% decline in the number of licensed manufacturers from the close of 2018 to right about now.
  • Because getting a temporary permit to open a cannabis business is easy, many never even getting started up operations. Reportedly, dozens of cultivation permits were signed-up for and never used. 

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Mexico Prepares for REC Debate

Mexico’s legislature is in the process of shaping and assembling its cannabis laws. Obama-era U.S. drug czar Gil Kerlilowske is scheduled to be part of a September legislative conference. He has raised eyebrows on both sides of the border… though not at once.
Marijuana Moment

Courtesy of Getty Images
  • A translated online description of topics to be discussed include “general U.S. experience with regard to the regulation, control and inspection of cannabis.”
  • Kerlikowske famously said that legalization is “in the president’s vocabulary, and it’s not in mine.”


Bako Activist’s Gun
Hearing Postponed

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

On Monday, authorities postponed what could be a very pressing decision about whether cannabis activist David Abbasi gets to keep his guns.

  • Bakersfield and Kern County law enforcement have filed restraining orders against Abbasi, with the goal of getting a judge to rule that the activist’s five guns should be taken away. They say Abbasi, who’s also behind the local cannabis ballot initiative, has the behavioral characteristics of a mass shooter. Since 2019, he has purchased five firearms, including an AR-15.
  • In April Abbasi was charged with a misdemeanor for publicly brandishing a loaded firearm at a teen. Abbasi has apologized for this statement, also from April: “Those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”
  • The case’s next hearing is scheduled for October 24.

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  1. An Oakland lab says it has made a stride  towards establishing a test for cannabis-impairment, such as we understand it.


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Blameless Cop Opens
Shop in Coachella

Courtesy of Getty Images

“I became a cop to help people. This is going to help people," says cop-turned-dispensary-owner Rich Eaton. He’s just become one of the Coachella Valley’s most interesting dispensary owners.
Desert Sun

  • Addressing the elephant in the vape room — The Vault has no actual vape room — Eaton feels a notable lack of culpability. "I don't feel I would be viewed as a hypocrite because no one could ever say that I ruined anybody's life by arresting them for cannabis," he said. 
  • Should you visit The Vault — and the place appears lovely — feel free to quiz Eaton on the culpabilities of police paperwork processing, then write an academic thesis on that. 

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  1. Despite 30,000 tourists passing through daily, the desert town of Needles has rejected a plan to establish a consumption lounge within its boundaries. Among the expressed concerns was that offering weed would give a prohibitive economic advantage over restaurants that do not. 
    Mojave Desert Sta


Can Vets Recommend Cannabis Already?

Photo by Lydia Torrey on Unsplash

A bill which would allow vets to recommend cannabis as a treatment option got a much-needed boost when the California Veterinary Medical Board agreed to reverse opposition to it. 
Cannabis Wire

  • The board will back off on Senate Bill 627 as long as funding for additional study of cannabis’ impact on animals remains part of the legislation. 
  • The bill builds on legislation signed by Governor Jerry Brown(D) last year that positioned California as the first state to allow veterinarians to discuss medical cannabis with pet owners.

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Sacramento is Looking For a Cannabis Manager

Photo by Patrick Amoy on Unsplash

No, the job won’t be to jog onto the field and yank operators who don’t keep up their compliance. But, this Cannabis Manager description doesn’t literally not say that.

So, dressing this way is an option.

Original regulator Joe Devlin — who did not walk, but was pushed — left the City of Sacramento position this summer.

  • Cutting to the chase: The gig pays $114,650 - $150,426 per year. Not a bad living in Sactown. 
  • Could you be the one? “The ideal candidate is an engaging self-starter with a proven approach to the development, implementation, and management of complex regulatory and enforcement programs." Etc.
  • Lack of experience managing a municipal cannabis program isn’t disqualifying, it’s expected.

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  1. The cannabis education program Budtender Fight Club will be in Reno next Sunday.
    Budtender Fight Club


Breaking Down Grass Lands' Breaktrough

Early in the month, Grass Lands made money hand over fist at San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival. What does this success portend for other music and sporting events?

  • A final sales tally for the three-day event  is hard to come by, but one Outside Lands booth claims to have sold out of 10,000 dabs and 10,000 nugs, priced at $10 each.
  • Emerald Cup impressario Jim Lewi observes that the cannabis beverage revolution may take place at events. “All of the infrastructure already exists in these huge sports structures; there are already coolers, heaters, stoves, and pizza ovens, so you can do low-dose THC or CBD or a combination thereof for mixes in drinks. My point being, this will become standard operating procedure at all live events someday.”
  • Promoters and agents have begun to partner with cannabis brands. However — as with so many things Mary Jane related — the federal government’s banking ban impedes plans and investments from fulfilling their potential.


Do We Need More
or Less Bud on TV?

Courtesy of Getty Images

Responding to an NPR piece that questioned whether Netflix ought to monitor cannabis content on the platform, one writer argues "we need more depictions of cannabis use" on TV.
SF Weekly

  • The deepest question is lodged far into this essay: Why should we demand a decrease in the presence of cannabis in our film and television when this is the moment for it to be more prevalent than ever before?

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Artists & Hits Top
Eaze Music Sesh 

On September 9 in downtown LA, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Elle King, Lauren Ruth Ward, Andy Frasco and legendary MC Chali 2NA bill be part of a daylong music and bud synthesis. Video will be shot at this latest installment of the ongoing series called High Notes Sessions.

  • Entertainer Indica Sativa will interview and go “hit for hit” with musical guests, using a new Grenco Science advanced tech vaporizer.
  • Customers can become eligible for High Note tickets by buying GPen or Gio pens and cartridges by Monday’s end or by filling out a form.

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  1. Looking for a smoking-hot take to stoke your weekend party chat? Ya can’t go wrong with Jack Herer (the strain) is overrated

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