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Firefly 2// Product Type: Accessories // Approx. Price $330

I was excited to try the Firefly 2 because it’s consistently rated one of the top loose-leaf vaporizers on the market.  It did not disappoint.  After a confusing unboxing, I quickly fell in love with the Firefly.  It’s light, almost fake feeling, but packs a punch. I especially love that you can see the weed in the chamber so repacking isn’t a guessing game. 

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Aurora Vape Pen // Product Type: Accessories // Approx. Price $100

The Dr. Dabber Aurora pen delivers an incredibly clean hit, a choice of atomizers and a sleek design that combine to make it my favorite oil pen on the market. Dr. Dabber uses a grade 4 titanium coil designed to heat up concentrate at a lower temperature to prevent burning. The pen lasts for over a week of regular use on one charge. The pieces attach magnetically, improving sleekness and usability. 

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SilverStick Leather Kit // Product Type: Accessories // Approx. Price $75.00

The SilverStick, my favorite one-hitter on the market, exemplifies the weed world’s evolution from stoner essentials to high-end lifestyle products. The leather kit includes a small leather pouch with a lighter, weed container and sleek silver one-hitter. The filter and design gives the SilverStick an incredibly smooth hit that tastes great. And like most one-hitters, it actually holds 3-4 hits per pack. Even though the branding skews comically masculine it’s a neutral, easy way for the image conscious smoker to take some weed on the go.

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Stashlogix EcoStash // Product Type: Accessories  // Aprrox. Price: $69.00

The Stashlogix EcoStash is essential travel gear, for a cannabis aficionado.  Divided into four sections and a small zipper pocket, the hemp (or nylon) bag includes a charging port, a combination lock, a “stash journal,” 2 storage jars with white board caps, a marker and a smell-cancelling bean bag. I love the stash journal to take strain notes. It’s a great way to keep track if you’re new to weed or have short term memory problems like me (oops)! My favorite feature of the pack is the lock if you’re traveling someplace that lacks privacy.

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Van Der Pop Joint Card  // Product Type: Smoking Accessories // Approx. Price: $29.00

The Joint Card from Van Der Pop includes rolling papers, a box of matchsticks and Van Der Pop’s signature “grinder card,” which grinds your weed into a powdery texture perfect for joints. Like all the products from this aesthetic-forward company, the card is sleek and beautiful I’m not partial to matches but in the context it’s a nice touch for a one-stop joint rolling experience. As much as I like the fashion-conscious aspects of this brand it reads a little cheesy: the matchbox reads “One must smoke 800 joints to overdose. And you didn’t. So be cool.” That aside, it’s an appealing gift. 

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PAX 2 Vaporizer // Product Type: Loose Leaf Vaporizer // Approx. Price: $199.99

At first glance the PAX 2 Vaporizer seems to be as efficient and effective as the branding suggests: The exterior is smooth and sleek and comes in an array of colors like an iPod Nano but for weed. The product itself is easy to use and self-explanatory. Unfortunately, this is about everything good I can say about the PAX 2. The mouthpiece heats up to an almost unbearable temperature, especially for a device that requires a rather strong pull. As easy as it is to clean, I’m certainly not looking to do so after every three uses, which is what the PAX requires. You’re better off investing in a piece that doesn’t burn your mouth, even if it is really pretty.


Wilton Treatology Flavor Kit // Product Type: Smoking Accessories // Approx. Price: $22.49

This is one of my favorite “hacks” to enhance smoking from a bong. Even though I doubt this is the original intention of this product, the Flavor kit is perfect for tempering your bong water to make the experience more enjoyable and less harsh on your lungs. They’re really easy to use: after you fill the bong you just put two or three drops into the water and it’s ready for use. This small amount goes a long way to mellowing out a bong hit, and gives it more of a hookah smoking experience. I love the intersection of the culinary and weed world, and this product lends itself to this alternative use. {Includes: Eight flavor extract bottle}



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