Episode 94

Canadian Mids, Quads & Swag with Jesse Staniforth

Jan 30, 2020 | Length: 0h 29m

WeedWeek Editor Jesse Staniforth joins Alex and Donny to discuss the legalization of manufactured products like edibles and vapes. In Canada, they’re calling it Legalization 2.0.

Reflecting on his first U.S. purchases, Staniforth contrasts the differences between his home in Montreal — where there’s no weed advertising and limit of 10 mg THC per **package** of edibles — and Sin City, where pot advertising is ubiquitous and infused food products can include 10 times that amount. Also, Alex explains how he came to write his new book, The Cannabis Dictionary, which comes out on March 3 and is now available for preorder.

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The Cannabis Dictionary


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