Episode 96

Amber Senter Knows a Superwoman When She Sees One

Feb 17, 2020 | Length: 0h 27m

Oakland’s Amber Senter is a co-founder of Supernova Women and owner of the Breeze Distro cannabis brand. The military veteran and Midwest native explains to Alex and Donnell the qualities that make her fit to judge top cannabis at the inaugural WeedWeek Weedys awards, drops rare social equity knowledge, and shares how her blogging background set the table for a royal 2013 Golden State welcome.

Amber Senter on Instagram
Breeze Distro
The Weedy Awards
Equity Gains Momentum
Weedweeknews – 93-sharing-momentum-eaze-and-the-underrepresented
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Alex Halperin’s Cannabis Dictionary

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