Episode 93

Equity Gains Momentum: Eaze and the Underrepresented

Jan 27, 2020 | Length: 0h 26m

In legal cannabis, atoning to Black and Latino communities for the excesses of the War on Drugs is a recurring and complicated issue. This fall, California-based delivery platform Eaze unveiled Momentum, a 10-week business accelerator for entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. WeedWeek co-host Donnell Alexander was at Eaze headquarters for the initial gathering of entrepreneurs from Momentum’s 10 nascent companies. He followed one start-up — the sleep-focused Los Angeles brand Dreamt — from its webinar sessions with Eaze experts, to the young company’s preparation for investor pitch sessions in L.A, next month. Also on the Eaze beat, Alex and Donny discuss fallout from a new report on the company’s finances.

Eaze on Twitter
Eaze’s Momentum
“Delivery Giant Eaze May Go Up in Smoke” TechCrunch
92. Matt Barnes & Al Harrington: NBA Weed Leaders
Weedweeknews – 92nbaweedleadersfinal
Los Lobos The Valley

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