Impaired Driving Stable
since Legalization


Various police forces across Canada report legalization has not increased impaired driving.
CTV News

Canopy’s Acreage Deal Could Shape Future of Cross-Border Cannabiz

Canopy’s acquisition of Acreage “[leveraged] its Constellation Brands-backed balance sheet to make a huge bet on the US federally legalizing marijuana,” argued Business Insider’s Jeremy Berke. He noted the deal structure could be mimicked in future cross-border mergers.
Business Insider

Quick Hits

  1. A Leafly survey (done in partnership with Kantar) of readers across North America found 76% of Canadian respondents used cannabis for both MED and REC purposes, and a plurality of 29% used cannabis for MED and REC equally.
  2. Slightly more than half of Americans consider the smell of cannabis a public problem, and roughly 25% of Americans say they “hate” smelling it. Canadians are even more hostile to it—more than 60% consider public cannabis odours a problem and roughly half say they strongly dislike it.
    BuzzFeed News
  3. Health Canada announced funding to provide micro-grants of up to $1,000 to Canadians 16 years and older who want to create community-led education about cannabis and vaping health facts.
  4. Brock University professor Michael J. Armstrong argued Health Canada is misleading Canadians by claiming there’s no national supply shortage, noting Health Canada’s estimated demand is roughly 77,000 kg per month, but combined dry flower and oil sales from November to February amounted to only 15,000 kilograms.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall
  5. Actor Seth Rogen, who recently launched his premium REC brand Houseplant with Canopy, lent his support to Cannabis Amnesty’s call for possession-conviction expungements.
    CTV News
  6. Though 137 kilograms of cannabis seized in Hong Kong, representing a 500% increase, have been traced back to Canada, there’s nothing connecting them with any producer, distributor, or dispensary. Nonetheless, Hong Kong officials blame Canada’s decision to legalize.
    Vice, South China Morning Post
  7. The Leaf explained the difference between hemp-derived and higher-THC-cannabis-derived CBD. The main difference is that hemp-derived CBD doesn’t benefit from the famous “entourage effect,” combining multiple terpenes with the basic CBD.
    The Leaf
  8. Here’s a list of everything that will become legal in the second wave of legalization later this year.
  9. Someone paired only-in-Canada candy and junk foods with various cannabis cultivars. I like a Big Turk now and then, and I resented hearing the cheapo chocolate-covered Turkish Delight called “batshit.” Caveat lector.

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Extracts Will Be Enormous

Cameek33/Wikimedia Commons

Extracts will eventually represent half of all cannabis sales, with vape pens leading the way—which is why companies are stockpiling oil now.
MJ Biz Daily

REC Beverage Companies
Create Alliance

Ten companies, largely cannabis beverage producers, banded together to launch the Cannabis Beverage Producers Alliance, which will be headed by Darrel Dexter, former New Democratic Party premier of Nova Scotia.
CBC Business, Globe and Mail—Paywall

Why Isn’t There More Craft?

Only one craft grower has received a micro-cultivation license in the six months since legalization. To date, 120 have applied, and 18 have been rejected.

Quick Hits

  1. On 420, “definitely the Black Friday of the industry,” demand crashed cannabis websites in both Canada and the US.
    The Guardian
  2. RBC Royal Bank will participate in its first-ever cannabis shares sale as lead bookrunner in CannTrust Holdings’ USD$200M public stock offering.
    Financial Post
  3. BMO Capital Markets analyst Tamy Chen argued LPs “depleted” their inventories toward the end of 2018 and will need time to replenish them.
  4. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which financed Constellation’s Canopy investment, began covering the cannabis sector. The bank’s first report predicted Canada would achieve cannabis oversupply by 2021, and that the US will legalize REC.
    MJ Biz Daily
  5. Supreme Cannabis wants to patent its drying and curing systems, and is investing $14M in research and development—a sign of the coming wave of intellectual property consolidation in the sector.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall
  6. Tantalus Labs security head Mike Zmuda, known on cannabis Twitter as “Infosec Dan Fielding,” released an interesting exploration of threat-modelling for licensed producers, considering both the demands of building effective physical security and cybersecurity.
    Night Court Cannabis Edition
  7. Shoppers Drug Mart launched its second online MED portal, this one in Alberta. (The first was in Ontario.)
    CTV News
  8. MJ Biz Daily advised LPs how to avoid being attacked by short sellers.
  9. Those investing in cannabis might learn from the example of those who profited on the 1848 Gold Rush—and invest in “picks and shovels,” companies that provide the things the industry needs.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall
  10. The real advantage of outdoor growing is how much you save on lighting—making production costs potentially as low as 25% of indoor growing.
    Growth Op
  11. The C45 Quality Association, established by quality assurance professionals across the sector, held its first trade show in Winnipeg. NextLeaf Labs president Tom “Canna Tom” Ulanowski said he didn’t believe people understood how much work was required to assure high quality cannabis.
    The Leaf
  12. Live-tweeting from the C45 Quality Summit, Ulanowski noted a warning from a Health Canada representative that most edible-related recalls will be related to allergen content.
  13. Micron Waste Technologies of Delta BC launched portable cannabis waste disposal system the Cannavore, which uses aerobic processes to break down organic waste.
    Delta Optimist

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The 100,000-kilogram-per-year Aurora Sky production facility has run afoul of Edmonton International Airport, where travellers have complained about the odour emanating from the massive grow. Since construction on Sky finished in January, Aurora has added additional exhaust units, 800 HVAC filters, and 1,360 “pocket filters” to the facility, which has carbon and charcoal filtration systems, but the odour remains a source of complaint. Aurora CCO Cam Battley said the company was committed to fixing the issue. “We want to be good neighbours,” he said.
CTV News, CBC Edmonton

Alberta’s total spending on legal cannabis in 2018 was $217M, representing 28% of total Canadian sales, despite the province having only 11.6% of the Canadian population.
Calgary Herald.


Vancouver police estimated 60,000 attended this year’s Vancouver’s 420 event at its peak hours.
Vancouver Sun, CTV News

BC’s provincial health officer called for decriminalization of all drugs to fight the overdose crisis, but solicitor general Mike Farnworth is not interested in the idea.
National Post

Canadian2006/Wikimedia Commons

After legalization, the city of Vancouver created an “exclusion zone” for cannabis sale in the city’s Downtown Eastside, a neighbourhood known across Canada for its high concentration of IV drug users, people living with mental illness and people with HIV. As the city forces the closure of unlicensed dispensaries, Vancouver is demanding compassion clubs and dispensaries in the area shut down as well, but addictions experts and poverty advocates say access to cannabis can help reduce IV drug use and help people living with PTSD.
CBC Vancouver

Cannabis delivery services, many of which exist in Vancouver, are illegal, but they sure are convenient.
Global News


Ontario Provincial Police investigated a Durham Regional Police Service officer who co-owned an illicit dispensary and cited Const. Phil Edgar with multiple counts of professional misconduct. Durham Regional Police Service (which patrols the many cities to the east of Toronto like Oshawa and Pickering) declined to discipline him.
Hamilton Spectator

An illicit Toronto dispensary found a way to force bylaw officers who had welded their doors closed after a raid to come back and undo the changes. Discovering a loophole in Ontario’s cannabis law, they declared the storefront was a dwelling with a bed in it, which under the Ontario Cannabis Act can’t be evicted, and successfully demanded the doors be reopened.

Two more of Ontario’s first 25 REC retailers opened, this time in Hamilton and Toronto. Meanwhile, 11 REC stores that had not opened by April 15 faced a second $12,500 fine.
AGCO, CBC Business

The owner of Sudbury’s first legal REC retailer called demand “insane.”
Sudbury Star

Fire & Flower York Street Cannabis, the company’s Ottawa store, was broken into by an unknown number of intruders who made off with an undisclosed amount of product, but were arrested nearby.
Twitter—Betting Bruiser


The Société Québécoise du Cannabis will open a store May 1 in Joliette, a town of less than 20,000 located 50 kilometres or so outside Montreal. However in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, the province’s third largest municipal centre after Montreal and Quebec City, there’s still no SQDC in sight.
Twitter—SQDC, Journal de Montréal—In French

  • The SQDC raised its prices by 5% in order to “adjust to meet the reality of the market” by investing in a wider array of products that are “competitive with the black market.” Nonetheless, the organization stresses it still has the cheapest legal cannabis in the country.
    Radio-Canada—In French
  • News of the price hike prompted more than 500 complaints to the agency, while La Presse noted the announcement was met with nearly 350 Facebook responses in the first two hours. Most were not supportive. One respondent said, “Competing with the black market and raising your prices. You’re doing it backwards. In effect, with this decision, you’re encouraging the illegal market. It’s shameful and sad to have to explain this to you.”
    La Presse—In French
  • Many of those who’ve driven west off the island of Montreal toward Toronto or Ottawa have wondered about the 12-storey “Future Building” emerging from distant suburb Vaudreuil-Dorion. A 1970s-era high-rise protruding from a landscape of low-slung industrial buildings, the future building was originally built as a pharmaceutical development hub, but will soon house a variety of cannabis companies, ranging from cultivation sites to biotech incubators, organized a “cannabis ecosystem” called C3.


A scooter-bound Dartmouth, NS man who suffering from a genetic degenerative disorder that drastically reduces his ability to move may be evicted from his apartment for vaping MED, which his apartment building has banned. His lawyer acknowledged the lack of clinical research into the effectiveness of inhaled cannabis over edibles for the man’s illness made it difficult to find experts to testify on the man’s behalf.
CBC Nova Scotia


Unlike Alberta or Ontario, Manitoba isn’t known for its licensed cannabis production, and unlike BC it’s not known for its illicit market either. But Winnipeg-based Delta Nine is making a name for itself with a 702% year-over-year increase in operating revenues (from below $1M in 2017 to $7.57M in 2018), and a 1,200% year over year increase in profits (from $442,000 to $5.74M).


Yukon’s first REC retailer, Triple J’s Canna Space, received its license last Wednesday and opened on Thursday, two days before 420.
CBC North

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