NHL Veterans Explore MED

Wikimedia Commons/NHL Celebrity All Star Hockey

The NHL has professional sports’ most tolerant attitude to cannabis. The league has 31 teams, 28 of whom play in Canadian and US cities where MED is legal on a federal or state level, and the league does not punish players who test positive for THC.

UN Narcotics Board
Blames Canada for Legalizing

A report by the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) reiterated that Canada was breaking international narcotics-control treaties, and faulted “poorly regulated medical cannabis programs” such as Canada’s for “[contributing] to the legalization of nonmedical cannabis use.”
MJ Biz Daily

New Government Could Reverse Possession Pardons

The Liberals’ proposed no-fee record-suspension process for possession convictions may not even guarantee those records will be suspended permanently. Critics note they could be easily reversed by the next government.
Global News

Legalization: Four Months In
and Doing OK


Canada has made a surprising amount of progress since legalization, the Globe’s Jameson Berkow, argued. Canada should not gauge the success of legalization on the continued role of illicit players in the cannabis market only four (supply-short) months after October 17.
Globe and Mail—Paywall

Quick Hits

  1. Bill Blair praised Canada’s “orderly” legalization process. “You would recall the prediction of apocalyptic results,” he said. “We had worked very hard to ensure we had strong regulatory controls in place before the implementation.”
    The Star
  2. Corporate leaders—including Aurora’s Cam Battley, and Canopy’s Bruce Linton—attacked the government’s excise tax on MED as unethical and discriminatory.
    Yahoo Finance
  3. Women remain underrepresented at the management level of the cannabis sector, but organizations like The Green Tent are pushing to increase women’s influence.

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Canopy Investigated for Sponsoring Kids' Event


Health Canada is investigating whether Canopy and Halo broke advertising laws when they sponsored an October event for the Kids, Cops & Computers charity.
Globe and Mail, CBC Business

Namaste Enters Edibles Market, Loses Auditor and Two Directors

PricewaterhouseCoopers resigned as auditor of Namaste Technologies and has not yet been replaced. Namaste also announced that their financial statements would not be ready in time for the March 31 deadline for the third year in a row.
NewsWire, The Deep Dive

Quick Hits

  1. The Horizon Marijuana Life Sciences Index, the first-ever cannabis exchange-traded fund, may be Canada’s second most profitable ETF. It's up more than 50% this year.
    Financial Times
  2. Domestic acquisitions in the cannabis market are giving way to international acquisitions which focus on consumer cannabis goods.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall
  3. Cannabis stocks had a solid February. Seeking Alpha thinks it’s because US hemp legalization has made the media friendlier.
    Seeking Alpha
  4. TMX Group, which runs the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture, will not loosen its restriction on cannabis companies with US exposure, because it believes the current rules aren't costing it money.
  5. Marlboro parent Altria Group closed its $2.4B investment in Cronos, representing 45% ownership.
    MJ Biz Daily, New Cannabis Ventures
  6. Aphria’s $190M greenhouse production facility in Leamington received Health Canada licenses.
    MJ Biz Daily
  7. The cannabis market has lured investors away from the mining sector.
    Globe and Mail
  8. As the value of LPs increases, portfolio manager Korey Bauer of Foothill Capital Management says investors must spend more time assessing LP management teams to make certain they believe they can handle the responsibility of the costs they’re racking up.
    Investing News
  9. LP Ascent Industries, whose license was suspended due to unspecified “unauthorized activities” (believed to be the illegal sale of oil-pen vaporizers manufactured for the US market in Canada), received creditor protection.
    Financial Post
  10. Vancouver LP Harvest One acquired biotech firm Delivra for $19M in stock.
    New Cannabis Ventures
  11. New businesses are emerging to help Canadians grow their own. The Leaf explains who can grow what under C-45 and provincial laws.
    CTV News, The Leaf
  1. Wine and beer made with THC will not be allowed to be called “wine” and “beer.” Canopy CEO Bruce Linton refers to his company's potential THC beers as " “hop water with THC.” 
    Global News
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Banff will allow five REC stores, though they will be located out of populated areas. Starbuds CEO Dave Martyn said, “Banff is as restrictive as anywhere we’ve operated, and we’re looking at 40 locations in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.”
Calgary Herald

Twitter Figure Mike Z, aka “Infosec Dan Fielding,” wrote an extensive review of Alberta’s “SellSafe” course for cannabis retail workers, with a few favourable conclusions, and a few complaints about the program stigmatizing consumers as stoners.


BC received its first share of federal excise taxes, which the federal government predicts will add up to $68M over three years, rather than the $200M the BC government wrote into its budget.

Statistics Canada data found BC had the third lowest cannabis consumption rate of Canadian provinces. Only 15.3% of British Columbians told Statistics Canada they had consumed cannabis--legal or illicit--since legalization.
Global News

Critics of Vancouver’s 4/20 celebrations leaked a Vancouver city staff memo showing the last two events have cost the city nearly $600,000.
Global News


A Victoria counsellor joined other researchers in asking Health Canada for an exemption to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act so they can research whether psilocybin mushrooms ease death anxiety among those with terminal illnesses.
Vancouver Sun

Kelowna’s city council approved 15 of the 41 first-round applications it received for REC shops, allowing proprietors to begin rezoning their property.
Global News


The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario issued its first three REC retail licenses.

The REC lottery left Ontario’s Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo area (population 523,894) without any cannabis stores.
The Star

The OCS announced it met with private REC retailers to walk them through the cannabis wholesale process.
Press Release

A proposed cannabis production facility between Belleville and Oshawa is receiving stiff opposition from some locals, who fear it will change the character of the small town.
The Star

Abi Roach, owner of Toronto’s Hotspot Lounge, described her despair at having to tell MED users they could no longer vape in her lounge due to Ontario clean-air law, and argued cracking down on vaping rather than smoking did more harm than good.


Following protests over dispensary raids, Akwesasne Mohawk Territory’s government body the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne said it intended to develop territorial cannabis regulations and licensing in consultation with the community.
Cornwall Seaway News


Countering the Quebec government move to raise the age for cannabis to 21 from 18, McGill University law professor Daniel Weinstock argued the age should be lowered to 16, because measures to keep cannabis out of adolescent hands will inevitably fail and younger users will access cannabis anyway.

Jesse Staniforth
SQDC Counter

To date, the Société Québécoise du Cannabis has processed 173 returned items worth roughly $8,900. Many of the the returned products (accepted unconsumed in their original containers) weighed less than they were marked, while some have been too dry or mouldy, or contained ants.
Journal de Montréal—In French


Newfoundland and Labrador finance minister Tom Osborne said, “I think it's fair to say [cannabis] demand is probably greater than we anticipated, which is probably a good thing for the NLC in terms of regulator of the product, and a good thing for the industry.”
CBC Newfoundland


Manitoba finance minister Scott Fielding said cannabis sales cancelled out $6M in provincial beer sales in four months (representing, noted one commentator, only 1% of sales), and argued this proved legalization was not the financial boom some promised it would be. NDP opposition leader Wab Kinew retorted, “If this government can't make money selling weed then I think their reputation as good managers of money is grossly overstated.”
CBC Manitoba, Twitter

The CBC profiled the last days of an illicit Saskatoon REC retailer.
CBC Saskatoon

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