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The Future of Big Grows
Lies in Santa Barbara County

Courtesy of Getty Images

Coming soon to the small beach town of Carpinteria is the largest grow on Earth, the size of more than 130 football fields. Santa Barbara County wasn't known for Mary Jane, until it became a cultivation hub two years ago.
Los Angeles Times

  • Most of the farming is happening in small, economically-disadvantaged parts of the county, away from its tourism industry. With only 1.8% of California's land, the county has 3.5% percent of its legal weed farms.
  • An anti-cannabis backlash has arisen, with activists vocally opposing the new industry. Stricter municipal regulations have followed as well.
  • Local officials have used tax revenue generated by pot to fund a "sherriff's enforcement team." It's raided 35 illegal operations thus far. “Our community is painfully divided about how to bring this industry under control,” said Councilmember Das Williams.

Quick Hit

  1. Throughout the month in California, MedMen will donate 15 percent of its limited edition Pride products' earnings to causes that promote LGTBQ+ equality.
    Yahoo Finance

A Wrinkle in Prison

On Tuesday the 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled that it's legal for state inmates to possess less than an ounce of REC while in prison. There's a catch. While it’s okay to hold, consumption and inhaling are not allowed.

  • The ruling came as the three-person court overturned the Sacramento County convictions of five prisoners who were found to have been holding in their cells.
  • “We want to be clear that drug use and sales within state prisons remains prohibited,” said corrections department spokeswoman Vicky Waters.
  • The Attorney General's office has not said whether it plans to appeal the decision.

Quick Hit

  1. Eight people were arrested and plants worth an estimated $189M was seized after a gunshot-wounded man staggered into a police station. When he died, seven hundred officers from multiple jurisdictions were turned loose onto Riverside County grows. Some are calling law enforcement's following raids excessive.
    My Valley News, Merry Jane

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@ Meadowlands, Industry
Shares Suffering, Re-Loads

Top California regulator Lori Ajax takes questions from Meadow CEO David Hua.

More than five hundred diverse, curated invitees came to the second installment of Meadowlands, point-of-sale stalwart Meadow's "weed camp" in the Redwoods. Amid the education and partaking, there was archery and fellowship. And somThough it managed to be joyful in a way only cannabis can guarantee, the overall mood, was broke and blue, and intermittently bitter.

For this reporter, a high point was hearing Dr. Bronner's progeny talk about hallucinogens while puffing on on his gentle-yet-effective new cannabis brand. That felt like it meant something, like at least household chores won't ever be the same.
WeedWeek/Marijuana Business Daily

  • During an early afternoon break in Saturday's session, DJ Chemistry played The Temptations' psychedelic classic "Ball of Confusion" at ear-splitting decibles. The song's engagement of ancient American dilemmas seemed to encapsulate 2019 weed commerce. One camper complained to a panel of local regulators, "I feel like I'm in the compliance business, opined one frustrated entrepreneur, not the cannabis business."
  • Growers from farflung outposts aired their issues. Dr. Tammy K. Brazil CEO of Trinity County's The Red Barn Healing Angels told a Saturday panel that too much of her funds are tied up in required security. The nearest companies to her remote dispensary, Brazil said, are in Humboldt County and Redding, both of which are hours away. In an email to WeedWeek Brazil wrote, "I’m having Live-On Site Security, as well as IN dispensary while open hours. requiring 3 Security Guards in a week period."

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Nevada Earns Vanguard Status
with Ban on Employee Testing

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Earlier this month Nevada became the first state to ban pot testing by employers. Once the law goes into effect next January, job seekers can no longer be turned down for work because they consume the drug. Another blow against discrimination.

The NFL's Raiders franchise is set to move to Las Vegas in 2020. How the NFL's pot prohibitions will interact with state regulations remains to be seen.

Quick Hit

  1. Entrepreneurs in L.A. and Orange counties can tell you that the market for warehouse space down south can get super tight.

Consider the Meaning of Oregon's Interstate Commerce Vote

Courtesy of Getty Images

Though its present value may be primarily symbolic, Oregon's newly-passed interstate commerce bill is of monster significance. The state -- famously awash in its fine, fine cannabis -- bet on itself in passing SB 582. Oregon is poised to capitalize on federal legalization occurs.

“The future of this industry is that cannabis will primarily be grown where it grows best, and most efficiently, and most sustainably. That’s what functioning legal markets do,” said Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene) the bill's sponsor.
Marijuana Moment

  • While federal legalization is the obvious avenue for the agreement to go into effect, the legislation is written to allow for the possibility of a Justice Department decision that “allows or tolerates interstate transfer of marijuana items.”
  • Importers from Oregon must border the state. So potential destinations include California, Washington and Nevada, but not Idaho for a while at leastOregon anytime soon. (Idaho, which lacks legal weed, also borders Oregon.)
  • The product would be transferred by road, not air.

Quick Hit

  1. At the start of last year, California had only one publicly traded cannabis company operating in the state. As of today, some of the nations' largest multi-state operators are here, and many more are targeting this land for expansion. But you knew that already.


Cannabis Minority Alliance to L.A.:
'Enforce or We'll Sue!'

Courtesy of Getty Images

The Cannabis Minority Business Alliance sent a letter to City Attorney Mike Feuer over L.A.'s inability to quell illicit weed sales. The C.M.A. is demanding immediate action, even threatening the city with a lawsuit.

"Unlicensed shops have been a public nuisance and pose a critical public-safety issue to the residents of South Los Angeles," the letter says.
Marijuana Business Daily

  • "[A] class action lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles Attorney’s Office” on behalf of licensed dispensary operators, social equity license applicants and local community leaders, CMA leaders said, is in the offing should enforcement not improve.
  • Michael Tonetti, spokesperson for L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson, said the city attorney’s office should “use every tool at its disposal to enforce the law as instructed by the voters of Los Angeles.”

Quick Hit

  • In other track-and-erase news, as of now Gov. Newsom has not yet deployed the National Guard to eradicate illicit farms in Northern California. Undoubtedly, more than a few law-abiding Californians read that previous line and began contemplating a lawsuit. And as you read this sentence, a small handful began taking copius notes.
    Marijuana Businesss Daily

Can i2 be the Model for
Diveristy & Empowerment?

Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash

On Thursday, Inclusive Industry, or i2, came into the world, a child of collaboration between the
The Minority Cannabis Business Association and Merida Capital Partners. i2 is An accelerator designed to fast-track development for minority-owned businessess, those selected will take part in a three-month program.
New Cannabis Ventures

  • The selected companies will work out of Merida's New York office and receive a minimum investment of $50,000 from the firm, and have access to both Merida and MCBA executives. They are promised the "consistent, in-person, high-level mentorship" that's often talked about in legal weed but seen too infrequently.
  • Among the aims of this collaboration is increased "diversity and inclusiveness in key networks within the cannabis ecosystem." Another key goal is to develop an infrastructure to assist entrepreneurs who lack financial support.


Is the Emerald Exchange our Greenest Farmer's Market?

You say you've not been to a cannabis exchange? Let the co-founders of Emerald Exchange, Justin Calvino and Michael Katz, take you to their farmers' market-style events

  • Some of the Emerald Triangle's greatest growers come down from the mountain's to sell their product. The Emerald Exchange allows farmers to boosts their margins by selling directly to consumers. In turn, bud fans get to access top-flight stuff.
  • "In the same way people make moral and ethical decisions about the purchases they make for clothes and food, awareness of where things are coming from. All of those things do come into play in cannabis," Katz said.
  • Calvino is founder of the Mendocino Appelations Project.

Quick Hit

  1. Acknowledging that there's a camp who's inclined to say “not at all,” here’s how the people who get paid to talk about dabbing think newbies should go about it.
    Cannabis Now


Cali's Clarifies Packaging Position (Phew!)

The Public Health Department’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch -- yes, that's a thing -- has clarified its position on product packaging.

  • Product packaging that was compliant under the previous emergency regulations, but is no longer compliant under the new, permanent regulations can be transferred to a licensed distributor until the end of the month.
  • Licensed retailers may sell these products through the end of 2019. Distributors who are licensed may sell these products -- only if received prior to June 30th -- though December 31.

Get 'Mindful' with Medicine Woman Lizzy Jeff

Photo by Modesta Žemgulytė on Unsplash

The Goddess MC will take her 'Music and Mindfulness' tour to a private residence in San Francisco on the 29th.

  • "Part 2: Performance and Lounge" will feature a plant-based meal and a jazz club vibe, according to Jeff's website. It also states that the event is being produced "in collaboration with LGBTQIA focused brands and influencers. Rainbow snacks, drinks and activations are sure to keep you highly engaged for an elevated evening full of style and fresh beats."

Last week's newsletter implied Politico's recent story on Humboldt County was inspired by a piece in the New Yorker. Reporting on the Politico story began before the New Yorker story ran.

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