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Mammoth Deal
Sweeps Curaleaf into Cali

Courtesy of Getty Images

A record purchase on Wednesday saw Massachucetts-based company CuraLeaf buy Oregon cannabis oil outfit Cura Partners, parent of Select Oil for $1 billion. In a Golden State ripple, Curaleaf unassumedly enters Cali, via Oregon; about half of the 900 retailers selling Cura Partners' 900 retailers are based here.

  • Together Curaleaf and Cura Partners generated $200M in 2018. The combined company stands to become America's biggest cannabis company.
  • The acquisitive Curaleaf is about to purchase the Nevada dispesary Acres and isthought to be eyeing opportunities in Michigan and Illinois.

WeedMaps Has 76 of
These Across Pennsylvania.
How 'bout You?

Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash

WeedMaps is known as the SoCal company that let's us people out West know where the weed's at. But it's definitely trying to lock down Pennsylvania. That's right. Last month Weedmaps bought 76 billboards in Pennsylvania, where presently there's only MED.

In another Cali-Penn play, San Diego's Innovative Industrial Properties just dropped $6.3M on a Pittsburgh warehouse for what will be a MED growing and processing facility.
WTAE / New Cannabis Ventures

  • Some of the messenging is, "Your property values can go up," "Your state can raise $1B in tax revenue" and "Opiate deaths can decrease by 25%." Though Pennsylvania has legalized MED, REC is but an emerging conversation.
  • IIP is the only real estate company on the New York Stock Exchange that's focused on legal cannabis. In purchasing the 51,000-foot facility the company will be partnering with Maitri Genetis in getting the growhouse ready as a cultivation and processing facility. IIP has said it's prepared to spend $16.3M for developing the property.

Quick Hits

  1. What the fake makers are famously best at is peddling disposible vape cartridges. In todays world of innovative science and money flurries, the forger are giving imitation packaged flower a shot. Here's how to protect your product from counterfeiting
    Marijuana Business Daily
  1. Hey, look: Nevada has awesome Latina entrepreneurs, too.
    Nevada Independent
  2. Emerald Grown's Hezekiah Allen spoke with his usual eloquence in suggesting Mom & Pop weed's best hope might be to join a collective. But no question in this interview about the serious allegations aimed at Allen by his former California Growers Association? Come on, weed media. People do have Google, ya know?

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LA Reloads, Takes Aim
at Illicit Market

The new $10B budget submitted by the City of Los Angeles' throws resources at the cannabis regulation department in way that signals a new phase of engagement in its war against illicit market product.
Cannabis Wire

  • The Department of Cannabis Regulation would get an increase of funding, from $3,712,168 to $4,463,016. Garcetti’s budget proposal also provides 40% more funding for police overtime. An additional $10M is earmarked for choking out unlicensed cannabis businesses.
  • Also, just days ago, city council entertained a councilmember motion that would make unlicensed operators pay all costs associated with shuttering unlicen, The Garcetti budget comes only weeks after L.A.'s first pesticide-related suit against an unlicensed operator. Aside from being shut down, the operator would be forced to pay $20,000 for each day of activity.

A 'Hail, Mary' for Pasadena's
Pre-2016 Dispensaries

Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash

Last December, Pasadena's Golden State Collective dispensary was forced by a police raid to close down. The MED dispensary's president, Shaun Szameit, teamed up with other local dispensary owners and residents in launching a petition initiative to bring Golden State back.

The initiative would allow dispensaries opened before the Pasadena City Council's 2016 ban to be grandfathered into the present system of regulation.

  • The collective closed on Dec. 18, after a SWAT unit raided Golden State, arresting three employees and confiscating over 13two dozen pounds of flower.
  • Opened in 2014, Szameit's dispensary was closed as part of the city's 2016 ban. Now he and two other Pasadena residents formed a committee made up of area residents and businesses to drive the initiative.
  • Pasadena's City Council can either adopt the initiative or put it to a vote during its 2020 general election.

Vegas Votes to Debut
'Social-Use Venues'

Courtesy of Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council made the landmark decision to allow consumption shops. Applicants will be limited to owners of licensed cannabis shops through the ordinance's first year.
Cannabis Wire

  • Awardees of the consumption license will be assessed a $5,000 fee.
  • No alcohol sales are allowed on the 21-and-over sites.
  • Social-use venues won't be allowed to provide weed, but they can sell and hand out the amenities. To apply, the shops must submt security plan and air-quality control plans, as well as training programs.


  1. Last fall, San Joaquin County turned down Measure B, which would have kickstarted the Central California county of 700,000’s legal marijuana industry. Regardless, the County is starting to develop projects in unincorporated areas.
    ABC 10


Sick Sounds and Humboldt History
Celebration @ Northern Nights

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

These DJs are bananas. The Emerald Triangle is a lovely place to be in July. As if those two features aren't attractive enough, this year the Northern Nights festival is offering the Tree Lounge, essentially a dispensary at a festival, like a bar. Except you can't carry your joint back to your spot at the front of the stage.

"It has all the same rules you would have at a dispensary, it’s just inside a festival,” said compliance manager Peter Huson.

  • You can't take your weed back to that spot at the foot of the stage. But The Tree Lounge will have live music and DJs. CBD yoga, movement classes and various workshops.
  • “In the Tree Lounge, we are going to highlight the history and the culture and the small [cannabis] farmers of Humboldt and Mendocino counties,” says Northern Nights co-founder Andrew Blap.
  • Sponsor Flow Kana is putting on a farm to bong competition among local growers. Fantastic.

When Bud Drives Cultural Movements

Photo by terricks noah on Unsplash

Lucky for us, the editors at Leafly decided now's a good time for, "exploring how the heightened state engendered by the herb affects a group of artists and innovators when they all indulge and interact with each other."

They had come upon a U.K. study. Then they made a fascinating list of 10 notable in which pot played a catalytic role.

  • The revelations happen across centuries and around the globe, in major cities and rural backwaters.
  • Carl Sagan is cited in setting up this list. "There is a myth about [cannabis] highs: The user has an illusion of great insight, but it does not survive scrutiny in the morning. I am convinced that this is an error, and that the devastating insights achieved when high are real insights," he said.


  1. WeedWeek podcast guest and Bay Area bud icon Mr. Sherbinski was profiled by the New York Times this week, and the West Coast collectively went, Holy Shit!
    New York Times
  2. Are you the last stoner who hasn't watched Netflix's beautifully made, musically satisfying and ultimately hopeful Grass Is Greener? Get right on to viewing Fab 5 Freddy's documentary, should you be tested on the relationship between weed in American music and the nation's vicious War on Drugs.
    Rotten Tomatoes
  3. The cannabis holiday is in our rear-view mirror, but the 2018 420 Fentanyl rumor continued echoing through 4.20.19.
    Cannabis Now
  4. Former Lakers second-overall pick -- and rising star -- D'Angelo Russell wouldn't have to go through the bullshit if he was flying in The Golden State.

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