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Someday This Won't Feel Even a Little Illegal

Photo by Panos Sakalakis on Unsplash

Before we reach the universe of poolside cannabis culture, as described by designer Danny Gonzales on a May episode of the WeedWeek podcast, we're going to be wading through a more prosaic milieu. How long until bud is given alcohol’s privileges? A decade? Never?

After more than 18 months of being all legaled up with no place to smoke, Californians have entered a new epoch in cannabis consumption. Residents and tourists now have a legal place to smoke outside our homes and not feel even a little criminalized.

And by "have a place," WeedWeek California means a single outdoor festival, -- Northern Nights -- up near Humboldt. In West Hollywood, a cafe where one can eat and smoke and, yes, buy Mary Jane is on its way to opening. Probably.
Weedmaps/Eater Los Angeles

  • Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe was about to launch L.A.'s first consumption venue -- a rooftop endeavor with showy design and a menu by Andrea Drummer -- when local synagogue Kol Ami complained the faithful would “have to walk through clouds of marijuana to get to a synagogue.” (No word yet on whether such arrangements would actually improve attendance.)
  • Kol Ami hosts Friday night dinners on its rooftop. As the Lowell Farms cafe is outdoor as well, one of its rabbis wrote to the city, contact highs would be an ever-present threat.
  • The passage of AB 2020 made it possible for fans at the Emerald Triangle event set upon the banks of the Eel River to consume inside the Tree Lounge. More than 20 bud cultivators will be onhand.

Quick Hit

  1. Harborside honcho Steve DeAngelo penned an op-ed for the L.A. Times arguing 280E is actually helping the illicit market

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...and in The End, The Gods
Rained Down Liens

“A summer of reckoning” has indeed befallen the internationally-renowned California cannabis industry as we knew it. But this reckoning hasn’t only come in a stream raids on noncompliant growers from the Humboldt to San Bernardino. Sometimes, the shutdowns arrive in the form of civil suits.

  • Fines that run as high as $900,000, property liens and -- everyone’s favorite -- asset forfeiture, are the new thing for Humboldt County growers to fear.
  • The fines, leveled in $10,000 increments, are the highest abatement-violation penalties allowable in Humboldt County.
  • In Sonoma County, the fines have so dominated 2019 legal life that Attorney Joe Ragoway has abandoned criminal law to focus exclusively on clients facing seven-figure civil cases. “It’s stopping them,” Rogoway said. “They don’t have a choice.”

Finance Report: State Oversight
Not Close to Adequate

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

A Department of Finance audit reveals the State of California’s oversight capability is “not sustainable to provide effective and comprehensive oversight of cannabis activities.” This underperformance and the delays that result from this oversight affect the supply chain.
Marijuana Biz Daily

  • The BCC’s job vacancy rate sits at 80%, with dozens of enforcement positions unfilled.
  • The audit, which covered January 2016 to January 2019, was designed to determine the cost and effectiveness of the bureau’s enforcement program.

Are Supes for Sale
in Santa Barbara?

Courtesy of Getty Images

When a $16,000 contribution to Supervisor Das Williams came to light, residents began to ask who is taking money from the cannabis industry? Santa Barbara Independent

  • A public record search of every contribution of $1,000 or more in 2017 and 2018 showed Williams received about $23,000 in pot biz political contributions, totaling 17% of the total contributions he received.
  • Williams contributed $16,000 and $12,000 to the campaigns of Supervisors Joan Hartmann and Joe Lavagnino respectively. A total of four of the body’s officials received industry contributions of $10,000 or more.
  • These Santa Barbara Supervisors donations have local critics insisting that Williams, Hartmann and Lavagnino recuse themselves from issues related to marijuana business.

Is Berkeley the Next Legal Frontier
for Nature's Hallucinogens?

Courtesy of Getty Images

Decriminalize Nature, the group that led the charge to get entheogenic plants and funi decriminalized in Oakland last month, could be poised to scoop up another win next door in Berkeley.
Marijuana Moment

  • The measure’s language would say, in part that “no department, agency, board, commission, officer or employee of the city, including without limitation, Berkeley Police Department personnel, shall use any city funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of laws imposing criminal penalties for the use and possession of Entheogenic Plants by adults of at least 21 years of age.”
  • Next Wednesday’s City Hall session will be “a small meeting,” according to the group. Residents are encouraged to write their council members in support of the measure.

Monterey Company Sues Santa Cruz Over Out-of-County Delivery

Courtesy of Getty Images

In a case that steps into the contentious issue of local delivery ordinances, Monterey’s East of Eden is suing Santa Cruz County over the right to deliver cannabis which is forbidden in that where delivery is prohibited. East of Eden claims Santa Cruz law enforcement threatened to open a criminal investigation against the company unless it ceased delivery within its boundaries.

The East of Eden suit hinges on Santa Cruz County allowing only dispensaries licensed locally to make retail sales. The local rules conflicts with state law.

Quick Hit

  1. Jim Belushi’s Brentwood home was host to a fundraiser for The Last Prisoner Project because, “Indeed, just as the cannabis industry gets ready to explode onto the mainstream — even the Greek Theater was getting into the act with a “Weed Mayhem” all-day takeover on Saturday — the harsh realization is that many individuals are still languishing in jails across the country, let alone around the world, for doing exactly what these latter-day cannabis capitalists are trying to do… make a living from the sacred plant.”

When It Comes to Labels,
Don't Skimp on Attention

Courtesy of Getty Images

Sure they’re getting away with it now, but manufacturers who go half-ass on labeling sure are asking for it. Bad labeling can do you in. They’re not you, but you know who "they" are. One way to trip up, which is particularly popular with CBD brands, is making unproven health claims about a product.
Cannabis Industry Journal

  • Not every alleged adverse effect needs to be mentioned, on those that due diligence has show are effects based on valid scientific values.
  • Beyond state mandated lablels, the industry is likely to see FDA labeling requirements implemented in the near future.

Anti-Pot Activists Hold Impoverished Town Hostage

Photo by novia wu on Unsplash

Five El Monte (L.A. County) cannabis businesses have given up on the town following five anti-pot lawsuits filed by activists and neighboring cities. El Monte’s local government, which is $9.5M in the hole, had supported the applications. The businesses would have brought in $2.5M annually, according to city estimates.
Pasadena Star News

  • Each cannabis-related development the city is required to have a property lease before they can apply for a permit. The developers have been paying rent on vacant properties for months.
  • “The individuals who were involved with (these lawsuits) have no conscience,” said Mayor Andre Quintero. “If the city considers a tax increase or a cut to services, the community will know exactly who to blame.”

Quick Hit

  1. Freaze is California's first cannabis-infused ice pop. Colorado’s The Green Solution unveiled its in-house cold one last year.
    Merry Jane

Reconciling Social Equity
and Luxury Cannabis

Photo by Manuel Moreno on Unsplash

If you are through some unfortunate circumstance not hip to luxury cannabis, this article will certainly tell you.

Get a grasp on what that whole trip’s about and you’ll recognize the inherent contradictions between it and restorative justice. But, like a fine strain, there’a more to luxury pot than that.

  • Danniel Swatosh, co-founder of the social advocacy company Humble Bloom says companies must, “Value the future of humanity--meaning it needs to be sustainable, which also includes attainable.”
  • Humble Bloom’s Solonje Burnette insists a general change in American perspective is necessary to do the seemingly impossible tweak of making luxury play more equitably. “Fancy and luxury is intersectional--it’s just our current white-washed systems that lead us to believe otherwise.”

Can the Hemp Clothing
Revitalize L.A.’s Garment Biz?

Alkemist CEO James Chung is a lawyer-Chinese medicine practitioner. In a town that fetishizes hyphenates, he might have a shot at returning L.A.'s textiles industry to its not-so-distant glory years.
Sportswear International

  • The pieces available now are for women. “We have the nice summer bell bottom wide flare, shorts, the skinny, and I believe we have one more, the cargo. Because this is a hemp lifestyle, we’re going to be very capsule collection based,” according to Chung.
  • Intriguingly, Alkemist’s co-founder is requesting increased competition. “I encourage all the mills to dig in and get hemp going,” Chung writes. We need friendly opportunity competition - the more the better. This is the beginning.”

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