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Legalization Moves Up the
Congressional Agenda

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

Congress’s first-ever subcommittee-level hearing on cannabis legalization was held on Wednesday. The generally constructive House Judiciary Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee discussion was only one Capitol Hill marijuana reform movement in which California Congressional representatives played featured roles.
Marijuana Moment

  • Expungements and social equity were key discussion points. Rep. Ro Khanna (D- Silicon Valley) tweeted, “While investors make millions from the marijuana industry in states where it’s legal, people continue to hold criminal records for possession. California will tackle this grave injustice by clearing or reducing 220,000 marijuana convictions.”
  • Calling marijuana reform possibly “one of the very few issues upon which bipartisan agreement can still be reached in this session,” Tom McClintock (R- went on to allege that Democratic leadership “has decided to play the race card in this hearing” by framing the issue in racial justice terms. New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler responded. “To point that out and to seek to cure that is not to inflame racial divisions,” he said. “It’s simply to point out a fact of life and try to cure it.”
  • On Thursday the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee met privately on potential benefits of cannabis for veterans. Rep. Mark Takano chaired the meeting and afterwards described the session as a critical education session. “We came together today with experts, researchers, and veterans to discuss the best bipartisan path forward for VA sponsored medicinal cannabis research,” Takano said.

Quick Hit

  1. Around America lots of legal cannabis runs on word of mouth and handwritten records, which can result in inaccuracies and even liabilities for both businesses and companies. Toward fixing that government software behemoth Accela has partnered up with Los Angeles-based tech startup Kind Financial to launch a cloud-based seed-to-sale solution called “the biggest gov tech deal ever."

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Caliva Names Jay-Z
Chief Brand Strategist

Courtesy of Getty Images

Move over Wiz Khalifa. You’re no longer the biggest rap name east of the Rockies linked with a cannabis brand.

Riding the wave that has Drake on songs “smokin legal” north of the border, rap entrepreneur Jay Z this week teamed with Caliva as the company’s chief brand strategist.
CBS San Francisco

  • “He believes in our vision in bringing plant-based solutions to people’s everyday lives, to improve their everyday lives,” said Caliva CEO Dennis O’Malley. The respected MC also sold drugs on the East Coast for years, writing eloquently about his hustle. He may be able to help Caliva translate its brand for the northeast's cultural differences.
  • Not everyone was fully hunky-dory about this move by the Capitalist Formerly Known as Sean Carter. On Twitter @thecannabisceo Dasheeda Dawson wrote: “#JayZ whyyy? I can name at least 10 POC-owned #cannabis companies that needed you more. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #theweedhead” In comments on the tweet, Gas House, Blunts and Moore, Viola, BlaqStar Farms, Green Pastures Premium were mentioned.

Quick Hit

  1. Get ready to see a lot more of MedMen, get ready to see a lot more. On Wednesday Culver City-based company announced that it will receive another $30M in credit from Gotham Green Partners. This comes in addition to the $250 million credit line Gotham already supplies.

Hertzberg Charter Banking
Bill Clears a New Hurdle

Courtesy of Getty Images

In Sacramento, a law proposed by state senator Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) that would allow businesses to bank for industry-specific purposes passed through the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions on Tuesday.
Cannabis Wire

  • The new law would allow special purpose checks for fee and tax payments to local and state agencies, as well as rent and compensation of vendors located in California.
  • Marked “Urgent,” the bill would be enacted immediately if passed through the appropriations committee.

Newsom Bans Butane to
Curb Hash Oil Explosions

Courtesy of Getty Images

As a state we are struggling with amateur cooks creating explosions while trying to extract hash oil. Gov. Newsom (D) signed a ban on buying large quantities of the volatile solvent butane.
Cannabis Now

  • The D.E.A. says approximately 19 people have been killed and 126 injured in hash-oil fires since 2014. In San Diego one such explosion sent a man running down the street in flames.
  • According to New Frontier data, the concentrate sector is worth more than $10 Billion

Drop in Batch Test Submissions Brings Confusion, Speculation

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

New worries have arisen as the number of products to be tested at state facilities just dipped. While the drop could be the result of seasonal fluctuations, some observe that the new numbers are “downward to a disturbing amount.” MJBiz

  • In April, the number of tested product batches hit a year high of 5,113. Last moth that number fell to 4,111. (As of the fifth, a total of 56,609 product batches had been tested since adult-use sales began here in January, 2018.)
  • “At best, if you look at it overall, it’s flat. But if you look at the last few months, it’s downward to a disturbing amount,” said Swatha Kaul, chief scientific officer of Cannalysis.

Plants Uprooted by the Thousand in Relentless Grow Crackdown

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

A Santa Cruz cultivator blocks police from his grow with a tractor. In Humboldt County residents spent the week buzzing over the National Guard’s presence in local busts and surveillance. In Yuba County, law enforcement pulls 2,400 plants from a residence.

This is what the dismantling of California's world famous illicit marijuana crop looks like. This will drop the price of that pre-roll.
Lost Coast Outpost/San Jose Mercury News


Reggae on the River Could Be
Done After High Times Pull Out

Courtesy of Getty Images

The 35th Annual Reggae on the River festival won’t be happening after High Times Productions botched its third California event in less than ten months.
SF Evergreen

  • The granddaddy of Northern California music festivals was cancelled abruptly in June. Last October the beleaguered media brand was forced to cancel a Sacramento Cannabis Cup because Hitigh Times lacked proper permits before. A 4/20 SoCal Cannabis Cup this year in San Bernardino had its pot sales permits rejected at the last minute, which forced ticket dealers to issue refunds.
  • In a statement High Times said, “we would like to help the Mateel Center bring Reggae on the River back in 2020 and hope to work closely with the local community.”

Dr. Dre Discovered Eve After
She Pretended to Sell Weed

Courtesy of Getty Images

Phenomenal turn-of-the millenium rap star Eve said in a wide-ranging interview that playing the deliverer role kickstarted her recording career.
Self Made Tastes Better

  • The North Philadelphia native had worked as a stripper and was hungry to display her MC talents when her dope dealer managers called with news. "His right-hand man came to Philly," Eve explains at the interview's 9:38 mark. "You're going to act like the weed girl, because he wants some weed."
  • "And what the hell am I going to do when I ain't got no weed?" Eve asked. Their response? "We're just gonna put on some music and you'll start rappin.'" And it worked. She rocked over a cassette tape, Dre's guy called his boss and said, "I think we've found our girl." Never knock that delivery job.

Quick Hit

  1. Workaholics co-creator and star Adam DeVine confessed that he and his costars actually smoked pot up on their show's iconic roof at the end of workdays. Absolutely no one is surprised.
    Merry Jane

Can 2019 Weed Apparel
Build a Better Hoodie?

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

If fashion is indeed about making one's outsides look like their insides, it should not be a surprise that Mary Jane-related clothing brands are growing popular should come as a surprise to no one.

  • In 2019, there's no one look that should signify stoner. Having said that, hip hop styles do the job. MC/Entrepreneur Berner's Cookies-branded apparel has the cultural cache to boost its product to the American forefront. Berner's clothes have been proudly displayed since he debuted the name in his 2011 music video “Yoko.”
  • Where Cookies drip can seem ubiquitousness, West Coast Cure might be making up in present-tense hipness. Stoned Age is among the luxury brands standing out in a competetive market.

One SoCal Dispensary's Loss
Is New Jersey Wrestling's Gain

Mark Adam Haggerty, 32, was a manager at Long Beach's Organic Market Garden, then the collective was raided until it shut down. Now Haggerty announces matches on the wild and woolly independent wrestling circuit. Sometimes, Haggerty fights.
High Times

  • Haggerty managed Organic Market Garden through 2016, a period when the dispensary was frequently raided.
  • He suited up last month in Brooklyn at the Battle Club Pro show in Brooklyn. The bill was full of other LGBTQ performers.

Quick Hit

  1. Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr, a champion who not long ago was sidelined a full season with back dysfunction, is an excellent blunt roller, according to former player Nick "Swaggy P" Young.

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