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Feds Question the 'Moral Character' of Our Industry's Immigrants

Certain of the indignities visited upon American citizens by the current Presidential administration are more difficult to take than others. One of the latest is "guidance" insisting that immigrants who work in legal cannabis may lack moral character.

"[A]n applicant who is involved in certain marijuana-related activities may lack good moral character if found to have violated federal law, even if such activity has been decriminalized under applicable state laws." The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services made this assessment last Friday, on the nineteenth day of April.

How can such character assumptions be acceptable to the communty of cannabis? How can we function with a worldview incapable of seeing that a hempcrete wall demeans us all. Cannabis functions to bring people together.

Do you feel a lack in moral character?
Washington Post

  • Denver Mayor Michael Hancock had requested the clarification. The mayor used the example of two tax-paying, law-abiding immigrants who are being denied citizenship because weed is federally illegal. "Denver understands the need for federal laws and regulations regarding citizenship and immigration, but we are seeing the heartbreaking effects that those federal laws and regulations are having on our residents," Hancock wrote.
  • According to the Associated Press , the Immigrant Legal Resource Center advises people to avoid work in the marijuana industry until the federal law changes. “Even if you have had a green card for 20 years, you had better not work in any aspect of this industry and you better not use marijuana,” said Kathy Brady, a senior staff lawyer.
  • California sent a notice in February warning non-citizens that they “may suffer negative immigration consequences” if they work in the cannabis industry.

Mexico to Tackle
Legalizaton this Summer

Photo by paje victoria on Unsplash

According to a newsletter published Sunday on its Senate website, the Mexican government has decided to “take advantage of the recess period” to finalize legalization legislation.

On the first, Senate recess begins. It lasts through August's end and lawmakers are expected to then devise a plan of regulation for the drug. In February, the Senate dropped a report instructing lawmakers to consider various aspects of legalization as they write the marijuana bill.
Marijuana Moment

  • Then-Senator, now-Interior Minister Olga Sanchez Cordero filed a proposal last year to allow adults 18 and older to possess, consume and cultivate cannabis. Whether her version will come to form the substance of that law remains unknown.
  • In March, the government released a Twitter poll: “¿El uso de la marihuana para fines recreativos debería ser?" or, "Should the use of marijuana for recreational purposes be?" Eighty-one percent of respondents picked "Legal".

Quick Hit

  1. Senate Bill 625 would prohibit weed use on party busses unless a specific set of standards are followed. The bill, sponsored by Sen Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), would buses, limousines and taxicabs permitting cannabis use to provide the driver with a sealed and separately ventilated space.
    Sacramento Bee

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Pax Asks for Too Little Cash, Gets $420M

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Vape maker Pax Labs this week closed a $420M round of equity funding, adding new investors Prescott General Partners and others to their existing investors Tiger Global Management and Tao Capital Partners.

Pax will use the financing to step up product developments and invest in new markets. Canadian growth is a no-brainer, as is Pax Labs digging into the hemp-based CBD extracts market. The company's post-money valuation sits at $1.7 billion.

  • The San Francisco-based company initially had sought to raise $150 million in capital. Pax changed plans after investors wanted to throw way more cash at them.
    The Information
  • CEO Bharat Vasan spoke vaguely of a project that would remedy the problem of explaining strain behaviors, like beer and wine enthusiasts have. "But none of that exists within cannabis. They see names like ‘Lemon Haze’ and ‘Cherry Fizz’ and they don’t know what that is," Vasan said.
  • Pax Labs used to by a sister brand to Juul before it spun out the e-cig maker in 2017.

From Up on the Hill on Down to H.R. -- Our Cannabis Work Destiny

Spectacularly badass as the old ways were, the new reality of a gig in weed seems with each passing month more about working in environments of comfort and consistency. And when the new world isn't working Apple-smooth for us moderately compansated Western employees? That work can be frought as any illicit bud enterprise. But the stress plays differently.

Yes, they’re going to write books about this time. But for now we’ll have to settle for words and sentences on a digital page.

  • Flow Kana administrator Alicia Ashley explains the difference between her past trimming "on the hill" in the Emerald Triangle. Ashley's old milieu was chill, but the threat of a farm shutting down or being raided undercut the cool upside.
  • Projections have there being one cannabis job will exist for every 1,000 Americans. That's about 325,700 jobs.
  • Jennifer Mehta , is a brown woman from the Deep South. She's struggling to make her edible sweets business legit because of banking issues, but insists she'll press on through an industry dominated by white business people. “If I walk away, and everyone else who’s like me walks away, who’s left?" Mehta asked. "You can’t just take all the sugar out of the recipe,” she said in reference to the apparent shedding of PoC pot freedom fighters.

The Inscutable Lightness
of a Strict Black Woman

If you watch this week's video featuring the owner an esteemed Los Angeles dispensary called The Green Dragon, you may note that Tarsha S. has a lightness of hair and face and affect that contrasts the emotionally dark struggles native to 2019 independent entrepreneurship.

The lightness doesn't stop Tarsha S. from clearly articulating the complexities of being who she is in this specific cannabis moment.
The Griot

  • Green Dragon has a social equity partner in Palm Springs, where its owner plans to open a luxury dispensary. "There are so many hoops that you have to jump through," said Tarsha S. But it's really important to me that we get lawmakers to get onboard for social equity partnership. I think that's the key for African Americans and women to be owners."
  • Asked what it's like to work for a black woman, a Green Dragon employee named Ricky said, "A little strict."

Quick Hit

  1. KushCo Holdings has made a deal with Sungrown to produce biodegrabeable packaging as part of its sustainability initiative. The company says the move will allow KushCo to recognize as much as $12 million in revenue over the deal's first two years.
    Cannabis Business Times

See through the haze of Cannabis Marketing.

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High Times Accused of Lifting
'Women of Weed' Brand

Industry pioneer Ah Warner started the Women of Weed brand in Washington six years ago, as a private social club. Women of Weed now has 167 members. Three years ago, Warner’s parent company Mother Earth’s Green Services trademarked the name Women of Weed for business networking and social events.

Now the guys at legacy brand High Times are using Women of Weed for their own promotions -- and in a manner that Ah Warner views as sexualizing.
Cannabis Law Report

  • "For the past fourteen months," Warner wrote, "High Times has promoted and held events under the Women of Weed name, directly infringing upon our federally registered mark that covers gatherings of women for business, activist or social purposes, in Cannabis or Hemp."
  • This is the second recent imbroglio for the esteemed legacy brand. Last fall the city of Sacramento accused High Times ticket chicanery related to a Capitol Cannabis Cup event.
  • Email from WeedWeek California to High Times has earned no response.

High Times tomfoolery,...

Quick Hit

  1. Because "even the most finely-tuned cannabis routines can get stale sometimes," here are seven ways to infuse your cannabis routine with joy. Leafly

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