Hemp Legalization Clears Congress

By strong bi-partisan margins, both houses of Congress passed the 2018 farm bill which legalizes industrial hemp. With President Trump expected to sign, it re-opens the American market for the cash crop after 50 years of effective prohibition.

REC Has Momentum in New York; Stalls in New Jersey

A spokesman for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said they expects to see "a formal comprehensive proposal" to legalize REC, early in the 2019 legislative session. So far Cuomo has remained silent on the market's specifics.

Political Poo-Bahs Flock to Pot

Howard Dean, the former Vermont Governor, presidential candidate and chair of the Democratic National Committee, is joining Canadian MED producer Tilray's advisory board alongside former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele.

  • The board also boasts former foreign ministers of Australia and Germany.

California Releases Final Regs

California released its third and final regulations governing the state's REC market.

  • Delivery is probably the industry's biggest win. It will be allowed in all communities whether or not they license cannabis businesses.
  • White labelling, manufacturers who make products for numerous brands, will be allowed.

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Making Sense of the Altria Deal

Here's what people are saying after tobacco giant Altria announced plans to acquire 45% of Canadian cannabis company Cronos Group.

“It needs to be legal, it needs to be safe and it needs to be consumable,” Coca Cola CEO said on CNBC. “It’s not there yet.”

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  1. Acreage Holdings said it would acquire white label edibles manufacturer Form Factory in a $160M all-stock deal.
    Business Journals
  2. Rolling Stone looks at how blockchain technology could help the cannabis industry.
  3. Global bank Barclay's has been picking up some pot stocks. California's public pension fund (Calpers), the country's largest, won't invest in tobacco, but has picked up a few shares of Tilray.
    Barron's 2X
  4. The New York Times visits Needles, Calif. a desert town which has bet its future on weed.
  5. Despite a report in Fortune, Willamette Week says struggling Oregon Christmas tree farmers -- there's a drought -- are not switching crops to pot.
  6. Philly.com meets Chris Visco, a mother of three who is CEO of Pennsylvania's "dominant" MED retailer TerraVida Holistic Centers.
  7. With Thailand poised to legalize MED, domestic and foreign companies are squabbling over the market.
  8. "CBD gummies" was America's third most popular food-related Google search in 2018 after unicorn cake and romaine lettuce.
    Marijuana Moment
  9. CNBC identifies five cannabis careers.

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Health and Science

Same Drug, Different Outcomes

At Filter, a physician tells the story of how she saw judges treat two of her cannabis-using patients.

  • A black man in his forties with a MED card and an unblemished employment record lost custody of his son. I wasn’t an active single father who helped with homework and baseball practice, I was a lazy black dude who lay around smoking weed.”
  • A 16-year old white girl busted for selling $20 of weed to a friend on school grounds got her felony sealed under "youthful offender status."

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Justice and the Law

Patrick Tomasso

Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Pot Sniffing Dog Case

The Colorado Supreme Court heard a case which could have repurcussions for pot-sniffing police dogs nationwide.

  • While some dogs are trained to smell more than one drug, they alert their handlers with the same signal for all drugs (and perhaps explosives) no matter what they detect. The case aims to answer whether a signal from a dog trained to detect marijuana and other substances is probable cause to search a vehicle.
  • At the Colorado Court of Appeals, three judges overturned a man's conviction for meth, which followed a signal from a dog trained to smell marijuana, meth and other drugs.
  • The case is being closely watched by police departments nationwide.

Kansas Court Rules for Olfactory Evidence

The Kansas Supreme Court upheld a misdemeanor conviction where the smell of marijuana supplied probable cause to search a house.
Topeka Capital-Journal

  • Olfactory evidence had previously only served as probable cause to search a vehicle.

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  • Reason columnist Jacob Sullum writes, " William Barr, Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general, believes the president has vast, unilateral authority to protect national security, which he says is threatened by the distribution of psychoactive substances the government has decreed Americans should not want. "

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Tertia van Rensburg

In Civilized, an intrepid journalist took CannaMojo "male enhancement" and went to an "Alien Orgy," in Portland. He doesn't seem to have much fun.

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  • In Cannabis Now, Nikki Lastreto looks forward after 15 years of judging the Emerald Cup, this weekend's prestigious organic cannabis festival in Sonoma County, California.
  • The Hicksville Pines, a "bud and breakfast" in Riverside County's San Jacinto Mountains, was one of two California hotels to make Fodor's list of the world's most fabulous hotels. Themed rooms include Room #420, Mondo Trasho and Dolly (Parton).

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