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420, Aunt Mary, Bhang, Blasé, Bud, Flower, Ganja, Grass, Green Hashish, Herb, Kief, Mary Jane, Pot, Reefer, Whacky Tabacky, the names alone, much less the thousands of forms of media today, are bewildering.

But WeedWeek clears the air surrounding Cannabis and all its incarnations.

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Audience Demographics/Psychographics

* 52.1% have subscribed for more than one year (88.5% reading it every or most weeks)

* 62.1% are male

* Average age is 51 years old

* 41.8 are in the Cannabis Industry ( Owners, C-Level Execs, Managers, Employees, Growers, Lawyers or Active or Prospective Investors)

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The WeedWeek Editorial Team

Alex Halperin

Perhaps the most prominent journalist today on Marijuana and the Industry, so much so that AxisWire awarded him the Best Cannabis Mainstream Writer for 2018 award. Along with creating WeedWeek, Alex has written for Rolling Stone, Salon, Business Insider, Fast Company, The Washington Post and The Atlantic.

Donnell Alexander

Noted for Ghetto Celebrity: Searching For My Father In Me, Donnell also contributes to Fast Company, The Nation, Time, The New York Observer, KCRW radio, ESPN and many others.


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