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WeedWeek Sponsored Content gives you the canvas and tools needed to get your message across. We can work with you to create customized “native” ads that combine visual flair, vivid text and the space you need to tell your story.

Advertising in WeedWeek is a direct way to reach the most influential people in cannabis. With our sponsored content, you can make sure you present a more complete view of your business.

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Clear the air and get your message to the Fastest Growing Industry in America, with traditional display advertising.

420, Aunt Mary, Bhang, Blasé, Bud, Flower, Ganja, Grass, Green Hashish, Herb, Kief, Mary Jane, Pot, Reefer, Whacky Tabacky, the names alone, much less the tsunami of cannabis marketing is bewildering.

WeedWeek is trusted by industry leaders for its credibility and editorial independence. It's the best way to keep up with the green rush and the best way to get your message to the most influential people in cannabis.

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