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Cannabis news is everywhere.

Every week important stories break in Washington and state capitals, in labs and boardrooms, within the criminal justice system, on the streets and abroad. 

How to keep up? Many leading entrepreneurs and activists turn to WeedWeek, a Saturday morning newsletter on the country’s fastest growing and most interesting industry.

WeedWeek was started in 2015 by Alex Halperin, a business journalist who has written for Fast Company, Rolling Stone and numerous other national publications. Readers’ appreciate WeedWeek’s credibility and that it packs a week’s worth of news into a short, engaging email, with links for readers who want to learn more about a particular story. One reader, co-founder of a canna-tech company, calls it an, “Awesome newsletter. Best one in the industry by far.” 

To learn more about Alex and his other work, please visit him at his home at ALEXHALPERIN.COM